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Episode Archive

126 episodes of Sidekicks & Sidequests since the first episode, which aired on February 19th, 2020.

  • Episode 120 - Penance the Quaggoth Clairvoyant

    February 7th, 2024  |  Season 5  |  1 hr 5 mins

    We return to the table of Seth Crenwelge and we roll the dice to create Penance. She is a quaggoth child who is a clairvoyant. She needs you to do an odd job around town, which if you do, could lead you to the "Wishing Well" of anything you'd you trust her word?


  • Episode 121 - Rembrandt the Young Artist

    February 21st, 2024  |  Season 5  |  1 hr 7 mins

    We join the table of Dr. Holly Ordway to create a dragon named Rembrandt. A dragon like the kind found in Beowulf, this young dragon is more interested in art and artistry. So what is a young dragon eager to build up their horde to do if they want to do it without typical dragon's greed?

  • Episode 122 - Lugo Aabergast the Pentadrone

    March 6th, 2024  |  Season 5  |  1 hr 33 mins

    We join the table of Chef Mike Haracz to create a pentadrone modron named Lugo Aabergast (double a's to get at the top of the list!). A higher level modron, plugged into Law and the Algorithm, sold his antiques business and now is a traveling consultant and monk of sorts. But when he comes against Big Ale, can he depending on the heroes to step up?

  • Episode 123 - Pyrex and the Ultimate Egg

    March 20th, 2024  |  Season 5  |  1 hr 19 mins

    We join the table of Mandi Quin, an artist and V-Tuber. We roll the dice to create the perfect NPC just in time for Easter: a little harengon egg collector named Pyrex! He needs your help to make his chickens comfortable: just journey to the canyon to retrieve the Sunstone. Consequences? What are those?

  • Episode 124 - Finnegan the Brave the Elemental Farrier

    April 3rd, 2024  |  Season 5  |  1 hr 20 mins

    We join the table of Allison Kunz and Ryan Timpte, the parents behind "The Kids Table"! They opt to "kaiju" (we meant "Jaeger") an NPC together through the random tables: Finnegan the Brave! He's an earth elemental who is a child apprentice to the farrier in town. But everyone makes fun of him behind his back; will you help Finnegan tackle the local troll to help him earn his moniker?

  • Episode 125 - Kiara the Teenage Tailor of Invisibility (LIVE at FateCon 2024!)

    April 17th, 2024  |  Season 5  |  52 mins 23 secs

    This was a panel/live episode I did at the inaugural FateCon 2024 on Friday, March 29, 2024 at the Bob Duncan Center in Arlington, TX! I was able to present and explain what my podcast is live, and we created a delightful teenage tailor of invisibility cloaks! A medusa girl whose mom ascended to godhood and looks up to her grandmother. But now...she needs some strapping adventurers to carry grandma to the market!