Sidekicks & Sidequests

Building a world, one character at a time.


  1. This character is based off Anson Jablinski's wife, Elvia Jablinski
  2. What is this character’s name? - Elvi
  3. What is their ancestry (i.e. human, elf, dwarf, halfling, etc)? - Human
  4. What is your job or role (i.e. farmer, hierling/mercenary, shopowner, bandit, etc)? - Schoolteacher/civilian and occassional adventurer
  5. How old are you? - 30
  6. Describe your physical appearance. - Medium/short height, long dark hair, glasses, eyes that sparkle
  7. Describe yourself with 3 adjectives. - Determined, Patient, Caring
  8. What is a valuable item/piece of lore/secret that this character possesses? Or do they value an ideal/concept or particular person (i.e. family member, guild member, honor, justice, love etc.) - The Enigma Violin, a magic instrument which is able to grant advantage on Wisdom and Intelligence ability checks for 10 minutes
  9. What is a particular quest you would be willing to recruit or hire the player characters to go do? - To retrieve the Enigma Violin, which has recently been stolen. Told directly when speaking to her or through notices posted in the local pub.
  10. What would be their reward for succeeding? - Money or music lessons. If there is a Bard in the party, she is willing to teach the song from the Enigma Violin to be used during the 'Song of Rest' ability to grant advantage Wisdom and Intelligence ability checks for 10 minutes during the short rest.
  11. What would be the consequence of failure or refusing the call? - She would be sad. She will have to try and find time to go off on her own adventure to try and recover the instrument, which by then, could have been lost and escaped into legend once again.

Optional Questions - not required

  • What are the goals and motivations of your character? - Promoting wisdom, camaraderie, and team-building
  • How have you shaped the local area? - Very encouraging of community in the town
  • Do you have any current problems that prevent you from being a bigger player on the stage? - She can't readily travel on adventures because she is a schoolteacher and runs a music program. She can only adventure during the summer or breaks from school.