Sidekicks & Sidequests

Building a world, one character at a time.


  1. This is a totally random NPC that is being generated by dice rolls and tables.
  2. What is this character’s name? - Xin (pronounced "sin") would be her chosen name in Undercommon. Her given name is One-With-Pointed-Nose.
  3. What is their ancestry (i.e. human, elf, dwarf, halfling, etc)? - Troglodyte
  4. What is your job or role (i.e. farmer, hierling/mercenary, shopowner, bandit, etc)? - Moat Digger
  5. How old are you? - Ancient, thanks to the artifact/magic item in her possession
  6. Describe your physical appearance. - Shorter, hunched over. Defined upper arms. Her claws and fingers are permanently blackened thanks to the physical labor she does. Her scales tend to remain mostly brackish colored, although she has the ability to change her coloration. She has a prounced nose and more snake-like tongue. She bears old scars and wounds from her younger days from her tribal life.
  7. Describe yourself with 3 adjectives. - Angry, Foolhardy, Covetous
  8. What is a valuable item/piece of lore/secret that this character possesses? Or do they value an ideal/concept or particular person (i.e. family member, guild member, honor, justice, love etc.) - A simple, unassuming crown (iron band) that when worn grants the user immortality. It has room for two more magical jewels to be placed on the crown for enhanced powers. [Thinking more on this after the recording, so as to have consequences if player characters immediately wish to try to claim the item from Xin and wear it themselves, it is extremely CURSED. It feeds into those feelings of anger, foolhardiness, and covetousness. You will not wish to remove the crown and you will become Chaotic Evil. Violence will become your ready solution to most problems.]
  9. What is a particular quest you would be willing to recruit or hire the player characters to go do? - Retrieve the two missing jewels that can be inserted into the crown to improve its abilities and powers.
  10. What would be their reward for succeeding? - Xin offers to become a temporary ally and follower of your party while your are in the Underdark. She also would be willing to recruit the party for an additional sidequest to return to her tribe and kill the leaders so she can gain control of the tribe; eventually, this will spurn Xin to lead a siege against the Underdark city she was in, and start a campaign to gain control of the Underdark.
  11. What would be the consequence of failure or refusing the call? - Xin will identify the most valuable shiny (metal and/or magic) items that the party possess. She will then fight the party and take those items for herself and flee. She will return to her tribe, kill the leaders, assume control, and then begin the siege of the Underdark city before she leads a campaign to gain control of the Underdark.