Sidekicks & Sidequests

Building a world, one character at a time.

Arinth D'faranin

  1. This is a character that Katie Downey is bringing to the table.
  2. What is this character’s name? - Arinth D'faranin
  3. What is their ancestry (i.e. human, elf, dwarf, halfling, etc)? - Changeling. She originates from the Feywild and her genealogy is inspired by Celtic folklore/myth. This is a RECENT discovery through a series of dreams/memories from her past that she has confided in with a professor of hers. She realized she was switched with the human child of her human adoptive parents by her Feywild birth parents.
  4. What is your job or role (i.e. farmer, hierling/mercenary, shopowner, bandit, etc)? - Student Wizard, roughly equivalent of a Level 1 or 2 in PC terms. Still in general studies on the pathway to divination in the future.
  5. How old are you? - 15
  6. Describe your physical appearance. - Her resting appearance is one of a human woman. She is approximately 5'4", long ashen blonde hair, tanned skin, hazel eyes, a lithe dancer's build. She grew up the daughter of two human farmers, living an agrarian lifestyle. She has used her newly-discovered changeling abilities to mimic some of her professors in order to gain access to the restricted sections for the library at her university; she's done this in order to learn more about changelings and the Feywild.
  7. Describe yourself with 3 adjectives. - Kind, Confused, Determined
  8. What is a valuable item/piece of lore/secret that this character possesses? Or do they value an ideal/concept or particular person (i.e. family member, guild member, honor, justice, love etc.) - Arinth has in her mind a perfect map of the Feywild created through her memories and her studies to visualize that realm in 4 dimensions. She keeps the secret of the dreams (exception is the one professor sworn to secrecy), and few of her closest friends know about her changeling abilities but they DON'T know she was switched at birth. Arinth is still dealing with the discovery of her true ancestry, already experiencing an emotional breakdown related to this revelation. She wants to confront her birth parents about all of this. Arinth has a locket with pictures of her human adoptive parents inside, and she's able to squeeze it/clasp it and sense their emotions/mental state. Her human parents value education and have a desire to travel/explore, but being farmers, are unable to do so, so they made sure that Arinth was educated by a tutor as she was growing up before attending university (and Arinth taught her parents how to read and write so they can send letters back and forth!)
  9. What is a particular quest you would be willing to recruit or hire the player characters to go do? - Arinth wants to go find out what happened with her birth parents and where her human parent's child is. Her changeling parents, being chaotic creatures and not having the same emotional bond with their offspring were bored and wanted to switch theirs with a different baby. She is hiring the players to be her armed escort and she will be the guide as they make their way through the Feywild!
  10. What would be their reward for succeeding? - Arinth does not have anything that she herself can physically offer (aside from her services), however, you could potentially use her knowledge to find and gain treasure/loot from various encounters within the Feywild itself.
  11. What would be the consequence of failure or refusing the call? - If the players refuse to help Arinth, she will go it alone, and most assuredly NOT SURVIVE the journey in the Feywild. She has the knowledge but not the training in order to survive the dangers and perils of the Feywild. At some point in the future, they would begin to find crudely written posters with her picture on it, with her human adoptive parents looking for Arinth. Journeying through the Feywild presents its own dangers, so this is a possible explanation of how failure of the sidequest could happen (i.e. player death, Arinth's death, the inability to find the birth parents).

Optional Questions - not required

  • What are the goals and motivations of your character? - Arinth wants answers and to bring home the daughter of the two people she loves the most in the world. Her feelings haven't changed towards her adoptive parents, she has questions about her birth parents, but she loves her human parents, and they deserve to know the child that they gave birth. As far as Artinth is concerned, this other child IS HER SISTER.
  • How do these affect your general personality? - She's normally very sweet and kind. When it comes to finding her birth parents and her sister, she is firm on this point and determined; she won't be talked out of it and she knows what she needs to do, and she knows how to do it -- she just needs help to get it done!
  • How do you normally interact with your family/friends/peers? With your enemies/rivals? With people who work for you/report to you? With player characters? - Arinth is shy with other students because of her humble, agrarian roots. She is easily intimated by other students who come from nobility and higher social standings. She gets along well with all of her professors and is an attentive student that devours knowledge. While she isn't the best of the wizards in her class, she is the HARDEST WORKING one. When she meets player characters and finds out that they are adventurers, she is positively giddy with excitement because 1) oh wow, actual adventurers! and 2) these people can help me on my quest!. Arinth will talk a mile a minute trying to explain how happy and excited she is and needs help with the sidequest she is offering, having to stop and apologize and restart at times.
  • Do you have a particular accent or language? Any idiosyncrasies in how you act and speak? - Arinth has a slight drawl from growing up in a more rural area, swallowing the ends of her words (think the states of Texas & Georgia). People think she isn't that bright, but she is! She works hard! It's not fair that people should judge her based on how she speaks. When she's stressed, she'll grab that locket and focus on her human parents to help her calm down.
  • What impact have you made on the world? How have you shaped the local area? - Arinth is something of a hero in her hamlet. She's a girl who's making it: she learned to read, she can do magic (which is frightening and exciting), and she goes off to this big school! Perhaps the Folk Hero background.
  • Do you have any current problems that prevent you from being a bigger player on the stage? - Arinth is still a student wizard, so she is still a greenhorn. Despite that, she WANTS to find her birth parents and her sister.