Sidekicks & Sidequests

Building a world, one character at a time.


  1. This is a character that Tony Vasinda randomly generated with my tables, Tony determined the character name on his own last.
  2. What is this character’s name? - Inpro (short for The Inappropriate Thri-Kreen Tailor in Common). His Thri-Kreen name is unprouncable in Common.
  3. What is their ancestry (i.e. human, elf, dwarf, halfling, etc)? - Thri-kreen
  4. What is your job or role (i.e. farmer, hierling/mercenary, shopowner, bandit, etc)? - Tailor
  5. How old are you? - Adult
  6. Describe your physical appearance. - As a mantis-man/thri-kreen, he has more of a green shade to his chitin because he doesn't go outside nearly as much, but his mandibles have brown accents in them. One of his antennae sticks straight up, the other at a 45 degree angle. He wears a finely-made vest on his torso.
  7. Describe yourself with 3 adjectives. - Fastidious, Cut-Up (by thri-kreen standards), Workaholic
  8. What is a valuable item/piece of lore/secret that this character possesses? Or do they value an ideal/concept or particular person (i.e. family member, guild member, honor, justice, love etc.) - Inpro has been stealing from the communal store in order to showcase more of his goods and his section in order to impress the hive; he will replace stolen items with secondary quality items (i.e. gold mandible cleaners replaced by silver mandible cleaners).
  9. What is a particular quest you would be willing to recruit or hire the player characters to go do? - Inpro has been charged by the community to charge surface-dwellers/outsiders to chart and draw out a map of the nearby ruins in the search for the stolen goods. This is meant to divert attention from Inpro as the source of the thefts to be able to blame on the surface dwellers and adventurers.
  10. What would be their reward for succeeding? - Inpro will give them a special chitin from young thri-kreen as they age out from the larval stage that can be reworked to made into lightweight armor, as well as several items (armor, clothing, etc.) made from this material that would be good for higher-level campaigns.
  11. What would be the consequence of failure or refusing the call? - If they refuse the quest, the next time the party returns to the store, Inpro's head is on a spike, he is killed for the thefts. If they fail (deaths, running away), Inpro can blame the thefts on the party. If they attempt to map it out but don't so fully, Inpro will give them some (but not all of) the same kinds of rewards. If the party figures out that Inpro is responsible for thefts and don't do the quest or attempt to report him to the hive, out of desperation, Inpro will attack the party.

Optional Questions - not required

  • What are the goals and motivations of your character? - He wants to expand his shop and be seen as successful by his hive. He is one of the few willing to bring in outsiders to engage with trade/commerce, which his hive appreciates despite their apprehension.
  • How do these affect your general personality? - He has a sharp edge to his personality, he is quick to turn. He is friendly and jovial (questionable based on his sense of humor) at first, but if people aren't going to do what he wants or start prying into his business, he will resort to threats or heavy-handedness very quickly. Able to go from playful to dark very quickly.
  • How do you normally interact with your family/friends/peers? With your enemies/rivals? With people who work for you/report to you? With player characters? - Inside the hive, Inpro wants to be perceived as magnanimous, generous, and a community-leader. He has a "customer-is-always-right" mentality. If the PCs engage him and do the quest, he is going to be specific and demanding in regards to how it should be done because of his fastidious nature being a tailor. He will be painfully annoying in this regard, since this is the level of service he provides to his customers.
  • What impact have you made on the world? How have you shaped the local area? - This thri-kreen hive has a guild-like structure, which means material success affects your level of influence/power/authority. The hive has burgeoning yet guarded trade with surface dwellers and other subterranean groups; the hive has been very resistant to outside influence, but Inpro has been a leader in bringing in outside trade. Inpro is highly influencial to his hive with helping to bring in material wealth through trade while still playing on their cultural values of distrusting outsiders or keeping them at arms' length. Inpro has been very machiavellian in manipulating his hive through the thefts, incoming trade, and cultural distrust of outsiders.
  • Do you have any current problems that prevent you from being a bigger player on the stage? - Inpro needs to prove himself and increase his influence to the community before the Leader dies or steps down. The biggest things affecting him are time and proving himself. He is also trying to make sure his secret isn't found out before this happens.