Sidekicks & Sidequests

Building a world, one character at a time.


  1. This is a character that Leigha Murray randomly generated with my tables, Leigha determined the sidequest on her own.
  2. What is this character’s name? - Skinknose
  3. What is their ancestry (i.e. human, elf, dwarf, halfling, etc)? - Lich
  4. What is your job or role (i.e. farmer, hierling/mercenary, shopowner, bandit, etc)? - Beekeeper
  5. How old are you? - Immortal
  6. Describe your physical appearance - 6'6", Tim Burton-esque with his height in his legs (but still approachable). Appears undead with mottled and graying skin. Skinknose looks pretty much like the Horned King from The Black Cauldron.
  7. Describe yourself with 3 adjectives. - Unpredictable, Haunted, Contemplative
  8. What is a valuable item/piece of lore/secret that this character possesses? Or do they value an ideal/concept or particular person (i.e. family member, guild member, honor, justice, love etc.) - An elaborate pipe and fine tobacco.
  9. What is a particular quest you would be willing to recruit or hire the player characters to go do? - Skinknose wants the players to right a wrong from his past, before he became a lich. In order to begin his journey toward power and eventually lichdom, he had to kill the friendly, young woman from the neighboring farm in order to get a sorcerer's help to save his mother, which enacted a curse on her family. They need to retrieve her bones from a seaside cliff cave lair, inhabited by deadly creatures and traps, and return them to the family in order to lift the curse; the family doesn't know the circumstances surrounding this missing family member, they just think she ran off long ago and the family was cursed ever since.
  10. What would be their reward for succeeding? - A magic item which would be very helpful/neccessary to them in their overall campaign.
  11. What would be the consequence of failure or refusing the call? - Skinknose will take one party member's soul as a consequence of failure and keep it in storage -- this becomes a bargaining chip to ensure compliance with any other dealings the party has with Skinknose (especially if they want their party member's soul back!). Depending on his mood and the level of severity in refusing the quest ("he doesn't think that anyone has the right to refuse him"), he will attack the party, with the intent of harvesting and consuming their souls in due time.

Optional Questions - not required

  • What are the goals and motivations of your character? Contemplative and reminsicing on his past. Focusing on his bees as he ponders these deeper things.
  • How do these affect your general personality? - Has made him isolated and withdrawn compared to stereotypical liches.
  • Do you have a particular accent or language? Any idiosyncrasies in how you act and speak? - Gravely and slow in his voice (it bears the weight of eons).
  • What impact have you made on the world? How have you shaped the local area? - Had a rise to power and the mantle of villain placed upon his shoulders in the vein of Elphaba Thropp from Wicked.
  • Do you have any current problems that prevent you from being a bigger player on the stage? - He's had enough time to live and do what he wants and enjoy his power. However, Skinknose is taking an opportunity to isolate and tend to bees. He wants to address his past which is haunting him. When the time is right, he will reemerge on the stage, ready to carry out his plans, whatever those may be...